📸 Pro Photography Tips

As we reach an age where the modern day photographer has much more options than they did in the early 1900s, many of us look at photography in a different light then that of ‘the cameras’ history. We’ve come a long way very quickly in the world of photography. YET, there are still key aspects to taking great photos that one cannot reach with technology but through learned skill. Here are a few Pro Photography tips for all of you!

Rap Artist J Roc 📸Bryan Wolf

to SHADOWS. Plain & Simple it can really make or break a photo sometimes! In the photo above, had the subjects shadow been apparent it would discourage the spotlight of the brick.

Angel of Mine 📸Bryan Wolf

of your subject. I am telling you right now the key to taking amazing portraits of both animals and humans is having your focus on the eyes. Lock the focus and THEN extend your shot to the angle and distance you want to achieve. The eye of the camera to the eye of the subject is a magical dimension. Take advantage of it.

📸 Maria Orlova

you. Oh how I don’t regret anything in life. But if I did it’d be some of the AMAZING photos I’ve passed up by not having my camera on me. I’ve missed out on a wild jaguar peeking at me through the rainforest not even 20 feet away! Moments such as that leave you in a pause wishing you had your handy camera on you for the ride.

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