🎒 Thai Culture

Thai culture is incredible for those that have a look see. Thailand itself is a very cheap destination filled with adventure and beauty of all kinds! But I think we should look on what some might consider the more “creative” side of Thailand 🤔👀 like the fact that some people give FANTA RED POP AS OFFERINGS TO SPIRITS 💁🏽😅 Something I personally find hilarious lol but is something someone else may not😐

👯 The first Siamese twins were born here!

Thai food is amazing! Thai celebrations are amazing! Thailand offers so many great things that the american public may not even be aware of. Like

Monkey City

where they hold the Monkey Festival in Lopburi! Check out this video displaying the huge buffet they have out for the monkeys. Its so cute! 💅🏽✍️👀

check this out 👇🏽

Guys wear two pairs of underwear. For modesty reasons…

Red Bull was “Born” in Thailand!

It was based on Krating Daeng, a sweet energy drink that was sold throughout Asia in the 1970s.

Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat

is the smallest mammal in the world. It resides in beautiful Thailand.

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