🎵 Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Check this jam out.

Currently on their biggest North American tour yet SeekLyfe Sounds features the jam band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. They also started the Dawn of the Day Foundation. Giving back to the community and donating all their proceeds to Backline which is the music industries hub for mental illness support! This band is filled with dickheads and we couldn’t love em more! and YES pigeons CAN be taught to play ping pong!

Hailing from Maryland PPPP trumps the genre of funk with their amazing talents combined. They all met at College in Maryland. They started a school project involving the music and it took off from there. They rose into music together around 2009 with their first album release and have not broken up since. The second album was released in 2014. Between the times of both album releases PPPP constantly played live shows to gain such a large following before just 2 albums reached the worlds ears. With a huge goal of taking the vybes they receive from playing and putting it back out into the world they won’t stop making music anytime soon. PLEASE CHECK OUT THE LINKS PROVIDED through this article. This makes them a GREAT band to be a life follower of. Check them out LIVE at JAM IN THE VAN on youtube here! NEW ALBUM IS CALLED PRESTO!

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