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Bryan Wolf

Watching from the sky I see the body of a boy. Seventeen; with a brick wall made of trauma, a sick mind, and a broken heart. It’s me. Im dying in a fucking hallway. I’m bleeding out; in the arms of my girlfriend on the last day of high school… and she was pregnant with our baby. We were considerably homeless. I wasn’t even going to graduate. The pills they prescribed me for over 15 years against my own choosing never did help for the sake of my grades and social status at school did they Doc???. To be honest, in my eyes, MY life wasn’t worth living anyways. That’s how I felt.

Somewhere in that dying moment I thought about how significant it was, to me, as suicidal I was, that I did not want to die. Now I’m not sayin’ this healed my mental state (as you can see above), but the epiphany brought an urge to experience life from a different perspective. And thats when I bought my first camera. Somehow, some way, some where, hope grew out of seeing the reflection of myself travel through life. For there are many different names for many different types of travelers in this Universe. Both art and life have collided into who I am. And I am a “Backpacker”. Which makes for a badass breed of

Traveler – Tradie – Photographer – Artist

I have an epic story! that is continuously being shared in the nature of interconnection on SeekLyfe as your Host.

BACKPACKERone who lives/travels in unconventionally bada$$ ways via backpack as a means of purpose & education toward the physical/spiritual aspects of life.


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