The Chakra System

Your Chakra System is important in connecting to the cosmos. Which isn’t only possible; but a known fact. Recognizing the whole of the Universe around and in you while tapping into it’s frequencies helps you understand the human body on both physical and spiritual planes. You can refer to this ‘energy system’ as a way to focal point various areas in the body for ancient/sacred meditation, prayer, and healing practices.


Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. We have spinning wheels of energy located throughout our body. The Chakra System identifies these wheels/chakras. Each chakra is area specific to your being (as shown above). These chakras are also all connected, just as your flesh and bones are to your body and the world around you. Exercising your chakras can bridge the gap of understanding between your physical and spiritual well being as well as your direct connection with the Universe as a whole. Below showcases a common mantra for each chakra 🌎👍🏼


Crown Chakra

divine connection. higher consciousness.

Mantra – I Understand

Throat Chakra

effective communication. expression. resonance.

Mantra – I Speak

Solar Plexus

will power. manifestation. stamina. personal responsibility.

Mantra – I Do

Third Eye Chakra

intuitive. awareness. lucidity. imagination.

Mantra – I See

Heart Chakra

love. healing. acceptance. sincerity. altruism. self love

Mantra – I Love

Sacral Chakra

sexual & creative energies. abundance. relationships. emotions.

Mantra – I Feel

Root Chakra

trust. grounding to earth. survival. stability. security. prosperity.

Mantra – I Am

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